The Beach has had a few name changes over the years: Titlow Tavern, Titlow Beach Tavern, The Beach Tavern, and because spirits were added in 2007, the Washington State Liquor Board ruled the word Tavern could not be used in the name so is now currently known as The Beach at Titlow. However, most just call it The Beach or The Beach Tavern.

      The Beach @ Titlow      

Bar and Grill

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The Beach is located on Tacoma’s other waterfront across from Titlow Beach Park.  
It was established in 1934 six months after prohibition was repealed. 
CharlesPorter was the original owner and from there many owner stories arose. 
Owner Thad McCarthy (1942-51) serving the ferry crews while on the job;
Dick Grenier (1966-72) selling the building he did not own;
Gert & John Matson’s (1953-82) making a burger to die for;
Art LeGault’s (1972-81) adding his somewhat personal touch.
Nestled in the neighborhood it has been a hub of activity for all these years and has been owned by Dan Lean since 1981.

The type of food served is more than what you expect with a quality that sets it apart from the average or a restaurant chain. It is GREAT! All food is prepared onsite rather than just cooked here. Hand pressed burgers (really messy and good), ½ Broasted Chicken (not cut up), and the fish & chips that we brag about. Specials are great or even uniqueCheck out our Menu

Over the years The Beach has been known for its character or its characters.

The Beach is known for an old-time tavern atmosphere and its beloved regulars. 

A few names that have passed thru its doors&some that still are include:

The Beach has more Norms & Cliffs than Cheers could handle.  Good people come here to relax, meet with their friends and socialize. The bar and kitchen staff won’t leave! Over half of them have from 10 years to over 25 years of service. They are friendly, efficient and some are a bit quirky!!!!

Hedberg, Meath, Erickson, Pohlman, Sandbeck, Engervick, Nelson, Mead, Fink, Jacobs, Moe, Lauvrak, Ferguson, Cassman, Casey, Zink, Truitt, Feldt, Kooley, Stromberg, French, Backstrom, Rader, Harris, Lewis, Fox, Larson, Wenzel, Casey, Kachelmeyer, Anderson, Levenseller, Larson, Matson, Clements and many more that are not mentioned

Come join us for a “Cold One” and learn the history of this area. From the ferries running to 
Pt. Fosdick & Fox Island prior to the building of the (3) bridges across the Tacoma Narrows
(the first one – the Galloping Gertie - collapsing into the Narrows in 1940.
Old Pictures and stories also fill the building built in 1926.
Activities and what you can do at The Beach is always evolving. Pull Tabs, Pool, Darts, Video Games, Golf Tournament, Fishing Derby, Juke Box,  
The Beach is like no other, and does not want to be.  
Pull up a stool, relax and have some good food and drink, and let everyone know your name.

The Beach

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